Studying a math creation so that a mathematician might say ‘oh yes, it’s math …


The Freinet TECHNICAL are procedures. By which the children will get to work. It is not enough to put children to work for them to emancipate themselves.

It was going well in the time of Freinet, currently it is not enough. The tools, techniques are not enough. There is another problem: what does one of these institutions, what are all these procedures? Finally, what’s the living process of emancipation within institutions? Pb PF: report den procedures and processes.

Sometimes institutions victimize the uniqueness of children (scolastisation children). Open Text is installed, but how to go from the actor in free text free text AUTHOR e how does one create authentic situations? Production / CreativeA acts on knowledge production (knowledge, works, ideas) Processing and problematisation Pooling and valuation is transformed? One key?

Spontaneity? Child work’s editing? IT must transform the works of the children, but not all the time. In the free drawing, do not do anything. The function of the free drawing is the therapeutic process.

If one turns, it means this is art, artistic cultural practice. We must get out of blocks that prevent the child to learn the name of the expression. IT needs to be of therapeutic process and the development of universal culture. JOY, EMOTION to find a work. A work without emotion is not doing a work.

Build enthusiasm for life. Good, but how it’s done? creative power to AJOIE puissancea joy …. Pooling / recovery: the child is reconciled with itself through the eyes of others, Valuing even once is irreversible, for children nothing will be as before. II.

The MN and trial and error process 1. MN: power / mid Every human relationship is driven by a pep life he seek to increase its power. An ongoing activity of desire. Relationship between the desire and the environment, that is to say where that desire takes place.

A Freinet class is one in which the desires meet, these desires meet by amplifying each other and the teacher creates the environment to meet there that the powers of somehow liberating. Every human being is animated by a pep life he seek to increase its power … and feel a fundamental need to grant his actions with those of others.

The conquests come true by trial and error process in a favorable social environment. . 2. trial and error = process of action in uncertainty Originally, the act is pure coincidence and encounters a medium in which it resonates. Multiplicity of groping> successful act opens the way to a life torrent> leaves a trail trend to repeat itself (consolidation / landing)> incorporated repetition time < "permeability experience" Recovery Process> new conquests.

But example of the mother tongue, it is less easy to 25 at dinner. specifically to create an environment for these phenomena to take place. If we theorize, we better identify work priorities and avoids diluted. The theory is a TOOL is not an emotional need of learning support solution that’s “natural methods”. free texts, mathematics, arts, environmental studies, physical practices … Mathematics = mathematical language; speaking maths think math, fatally!

It is about THINK // practice the language it is mathematical, literary, testing the body. Experiencing the conquest of a language In connection with the reference social practice: the teacher helps the child to turn that idea into a mathematical process of conquest of mathematical thinking, if we stick to the drawing. Do something consistent discipline mathematicians.

Studying a math creation so that a mathematician might say ‘oh yes, it’s math … “. Recognize the essence of what mathematical research The teacher’s role is essential his own education to life in the works, to be transformed, … but it’s joyful spirit J its strategic action primacy of its available knowledge process: “reference complex”? Let the MN to train ourselves to ALL! J J’s practice knowledge youhouououououou !! add a comment

In: The mood ticket Educator CEL For teachers review in February 1974 A Cauduro, the last farmer from the village tells us: “Look, I’ll tell you, it came the other day one of the leaders of the Species Protection endangered. Well, I can tell you, these people know nothing. They have made good all their education, they do not realize things. It was long discussed the area and we even yelled. He claimed that there ‘was that a couple of owls in the region.

And I told him that there were a dozen. These people. they don ‘know anything. I’m not saying that they are useless. It is not useful the job they do elsewhere. For jean-the-blank, for example, they are right, there is only a couple.

But for the owls, they are completely wrong. You think if I know them: the female is “duke duke duke! “And the male” Duke Kuh! Duke Kuh! “He claimed that this gentleman was the same couple that moved all night. Hey be!

And when they sing together, they are not all the same everywhere at once. Besides, I can see them when I circulating in this mountain. I happen to stand. It nests in the rubble. Eight days after this gentleman returned.

And he admitted: “It’s true, you were right, there are several couples. “Ah! these people, if they would just ask the farmers who are there and who know things. “As he said this, I thought,” And we do we are not peasants ies pedagogy
. “It is true that there are people who study, who become specialists. It may be although they time credits, they are a bit AWAY. And dating you may have to ask the relevant questions that maybe we would not have thought of without them.

But then we must still return to practice. We too have a knowledge in the field. But unlike the peasants, we can put together and grow together. This is what we will do with the new site, which opened this year in Vence that documents BTR These are documents taken out of our classes and we deliver with a few lights and some already more or reflections less depth. But we want to focus mainly focus on the document to be 95% of the publication.

This is the document that can talk to who will listen. It is a large open yard that will see rising from between the stones know our height. It’s lucky that I wish you. Author: Paul Le Bohec Print

In: Teaching Building East edited by a Departmental Group For teachers review> Summary August 1980 Animation and Layout: Lucien Buessler Duplication: Monique Bolmont Installation and routing Francis Bothner Management: Bernard Mislin The idea to form a reading file early CPR Making a flipchart Our stories Poems for all the idea to form an early CP read file> Print
By Annie Dhenin the 23/01/13 – 11:41 p.m.

In: GD 73 – Savoie account pedagogical techniques> class organization> life of the classroom teaching techniques> The Red Thread clear messages. 4 working meetings GD73 around a theme: Conflict management in our classrooms and schools and child counseling … In short meeting in January 2012 clear messages.

Luke offers us visionnions a DVD made in the school of Sierroz, Aix-les-Bains in February 2007, on school mediation in partnership with AMELY association. Here are the highlights: 1. With stakeholder AMELY, teachers are trained in a school year to mediation. 2. In class, mediation is presented and explained to the students.

3. volunteer students write a cover letter if they want or not to become a mediator. 4. At a council, teachers select students mediators on the contents of their letter. 5. Future Student mediators are trained (many role playing).

6. Peer mediation is taking place in the school. 7.

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