Auto Auction Bargains Ten Guidelines For Intelligent Purchasing


Auto Auction Bargains: Ten Recommendations For Intelligent Buying

Detroit’s Big 3 plans to consolidate dealerships to cut costs. The savings will be used to finance the turnaround plans in order for them to return to profitability in accordance with their timeline.

You may want to consider traveling to auctions that are some distance from big cities or towns. They’re likely to be less crowded with bidders, and the cars may fetch lower prices.

Revamp your marketing. It might seem counterintuitive to spend money during a recession, but you need to keep your name out there so that customers remember that your business is still there. Radio advertisements are really effective. People who are in their cars while wishing for a new car will think it’s a sign from above when they hear about your new deals over the radio.

Although the marketplace and the politics are not entirely predictable, the punt answer is that people are most often driven by convenience and price. Sure, the early adopters will embrace the most high-tech and environmentally sound cars-that’s what drives them. But most of us will be second-generation buyers, waiting for the early adopters to find the way in convenience and, of course, price. Let’s look at how convenience and price are shaping up for EVs.

With prices of used vehicles at its peak these days, it might benefit you to trade in the old car you no longer find interesting to use. There are a lot of consumers wanting to own old vehicles and are willing to pay a high price for it. As long as it’s still in good running condition and is fuel efficient, you have every chance to gain from trading it in. This is possible particularly after the National (NADA) increased the values of small and medium sized cars last June.

Is charging safe? With the SAE J1772 connection standardized last January, there is no power until the charging cable is locked into the charging station, so you can’t get electrocuted unless you do something really dumb. Will this be covered under existing car and condo insurance? Ask your broker.

Buyer should arrange for pre approved finance so that time is not wasted looking for a vehicle that cannot be afforded. There will be costs such as dealer’s fees, taxes, registration and the like. Buyers should feel comfortable asking many questions about the history of the vehicle.

8) Do you require a large down payment? You’ve probably heard stories in the past (or maybe it’s even happened to you) about people being asked to make a very large down payment on a vehicle. In most cases today a large down payment in not necessary.

You will hear much more about the EV this year. Before you reject buying one or diss the people that do, remember that every great technology has had early adopters, from the light bulb to the cell phone, and each was ahead of its time. As digital cameras have transformed photography in only a few years, EVs are likely to transform transportation. Pay attention, or you’ll be left standing in the road.

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